Swift Transport



Swift Transport s.r.o. provides international and domestic freight services. With this in mind, it should be clear that we can ship almost anything anywhere in the Czech Republic, EU or Russia. We offer our customers the opportunity to ship any goods and services. We also provide customs consultancy. Shipments of any weight from few pounds to tens of tonnes are made by trucks from our own fleet, while the whole process is in the hands of our experienced and trained staff.


We offer logistic services to our customers. These services can be individually tailored to suit each type of cargo.

In our logistic sites, we will treat your goods with utmost care. The security measures are of course included.


We value the fast, accurate and timely delivery of the shipment.

Do you need to transport a single palette or a carton? We can ship single units up to 50KG. Do you need to transport excessive goods? We can offer you some of the spaces available in our vehicles. Do you need to transport bulk goods? We can offer you a secure shipment of goods up to 25 000 KG and volume of 120m3. Likewise, we are able to offer transport of oversized goods above 25 000 KG and 120m3 or of cargo with nonstandard width, length or height. For these types of shipments, we of course take care of needed permits and escorts.