Swift Transport

About company

Thanks to its perfect combination of speed, quality, reliability and individual stance towards its customers, the Swift transport company is ready to offer you the best service available in domestic and international transport, freight forwarding and logistics. Thanks to our diverse fleet of vehicles, we are able to transport almost anything. From the smallest packages to the largest containers and loads. Thanks to all this, we are able to deliver your package safely. We are able to transport your goods into Czech Republic, Europe, Russia and the neighboring Asian countries.

We are also able to provide you with storage space for packages of any size. Our whole team can communicate in multiple languages (for instance English, German). We are tirelessly trying to raise the quality of all of our provided services. We are regularly investing into restorations of our fleet and into the training of our drivers.

We accept full responsibility for cargo that was entrusted to our company and for any damage caused during the transport according to the CMR. Your goods are insured in case of destruction, damage and theft. The agreed sum is 5 million CZK. We offer additional insurance.

By contacting us, you could get a reliable and strong partner that would aide you 24/7 and is prepared to store or ship your good wherever you would like.